16 de fevereiro de 2006

The Clientele

Reflections After Jane

Butterflies with gilded wings this morning
Touched the red sun and the rain
On the bridge the workers pass in threes and fours and
To my sleeplessness
Reflections after Jane

How I long to live inside a window
By the sighing motorway
Feel the city searching for my loneliness
In all the dust and glass
Reflections after Jane

And I see her all on a golden Sunday
With her hair so dark in the rain

Who is in the newspapers this month or week or year
My silent friend
I can starve my life into a deeper sleep
Reflections after Jane

5 comentários:

Micas disse...

Que bem soube estar aqui a ouvir "The Clientele". Não conhecia este espaço de tão bom gosto. Voltarei.

fiona bacana disse...

Mojo Pin,
sabes quem vem à aula magna a 29 Abril? KINGS OF CONVENIENCE!!!!!!

Zorze Zorzinelis disse...

Bom som! *

deep disse...

Bom fim-de-semana!

Mojo Pin disse...

Bem não podia ter melhor notícia:)Obrigada fiona bacana*