15 de março de 2008

Brown Bird

Brown BirdRun the Wire

run the wire from bow to stern
give the windlass a couple turns
check the running lights and anchor light above
then tomorrow we shall see
if she's worthy of the sea
and at sea if she is worthy of our love
lay you down on feather bed
on feather pillow rest your head
i am coming home from working by the water
i will meet you between the sheets
with tangled limbs and naked feet
to see if we are worthy of a son or daughter
would i've been
a steadfast father
in spite of my inconstant ways
i am gypsy
i am rover
i don't know how to stay
do we move and remove
to undo some mistake?
or is moving's motive running
from a life we're scared to make?
and of this somewhere that we're running to,
will it ever be the place where our history's safe?
from the light of morning sun
and through the pain that quickly comes
and carries over
positive and negative
reversing back from stator to the rotor
trouble is that trouble lends itself
to troubled times til troubled times are gone

1 comentário:

Carriço disse...

Acordo e atiras-me assim com uma música... perfeito. O resto o dia não o poderá ser menos.

Beijos grandes! Gosto tudo de ti...