20 de abril de 2009

Old Jerusalem - Arduinna and the Science Boy

Arduinna and the Science Boy

Her hair soft hanging, head down in a tired bliss
We´d walked a long way and I had a sense she´d planned all this
Though her hands carressed now mine in warm intimacy
It was strange to feel a smile so new so close to me

The place is known, all faces are familiar
Her effort´s clear, the timing´s right: I´m here and so is her...
Still a thin thought bubbled ´neath the warmth of this fresh noose:
It´s a mere 3 days since we´ve been formally introduced...

God, a kid,
But I was even then,
The template of the man I´d be
A growing seed
Of uneasy awe
Towards the things I saw as me
He built their house, they´re married now, they attend mass
He´s a science boy, he used to burn things with his magnifying glass
I see him still, I know he knows, it´s in his eyes
We never talk now, we simply get on with our lives

We was mentioned then, a "zealous friend", in your abetting words
We rightly sad our innocence but it just felt worse
Your love grew deep for me the shallower mine for you
And to this day I don´t know quite what I was supposed to do

God, a kid
I am even now
Never grew somehow to be
The blossomed seed
Of calm and wise repose
Daily craved by those who´ve come to love me

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Carriço disse...

Francisco Silva canta sempre histórias fantásticas. Esta é outro exemplo.

Beijos grandes!

Anónimo disse...

Cada novo disco é também um novo livro.